Dear Friends,

Greetings from Poland!

Here we are again to let you know how your generous gifts are helping us on a daily basis to take care of the people who desperately need us all.

To start off our update, here are some fresh statistics: by June 5, we’ve welcomed and provided shelter for about 950 people (including 371 families); out of this number, we helped about 770 people move to Spain, France and Sweden, where they were welcomed by families and offered very good living conditions, free accommodation for several months, payment of utility bills, school for children, help with paperwork and finding a job.

Unfortunately, such offers are becoming less and less frequent; our Swedish partners, OperationAid, have stopped sending buses to our area because their finances are running out. We work hard to convince the Ukrainian people under our care that the opportunities will be dwindling and their best option is to take them while they are available.

On June 1, we celebrated International Children’s Day.

We were determined to make the best use possible of the funds provided by your wonderful kindness, and we tried to make this day memorable to all, not only to the little ones. There was music, singing and dancing, face-painting for those who wanted to change their look for a day or just show support with a Ukrainian flag on their cheek.

We also had a visit from Superman accompanied by his friend Spiderman; but to tell you the truth, there were many more Supermen and Superwomen in the crowd that day, only they were not distinguished by their dress.

At the end of the day, there were roses for everyone and a gathering for a photo together.

Another element of the feast which had to be present was waiting in the kitchen: PIEROGI! Tested by our director Fr. Marek himself, who keeps touring our houses whenever he can to encourage us all and to keep an eye on everything.

In the meantime in Przemyśl, our American volunteers made sure that the children staying at our house near the Seminary would not be missing out on the fun; they were treated to a walk around the beautiful old town and then a sweet surprise: ice-cream! It successfully brightened up their faces and spirits.

Once the festivities were over, we took to sorting gifts in our storage space at the back of the Przemyśl reception center. We buy some of the things we need thanks to your support, and we receive some through the help of our French volunteers.

This time, there was also a very special gift among those that arrived from France: a young French girl named Marion, of a family with limited financial means, and herself using a wheelchair, offered an electric wheelchair to one of our Ukrainian guests, Andriy, who cannot walk. It was a beautiful moment to witness, and we would like to share it with you too:

With the arrival of summer and very good weather, our families living in twin houses in a beautiful area in Lutowiska could take advantage of the sun and warmth and play outdoors.

Meanwhile in Polana, another one of our locations (St. John Bosco Youth Center), our young Ukrainian volunteer Marina took it upon herself to add some sunshine and zest to the lives of her compatriots. With great determination, she set a daily routine for everyone: there is time for prayer, breakfast, exercise in fresh air, organizing duties in cleaning the house, reading stories to children, and other attractions.

In inventing activities for the small fry, she has the company of our American volunteer physician, Dr. Elizabeth May.

Marina radiates enthusiasm and it is so contagious that even the dog Bella could not keep still! 😉

This enthusiasm, coupled with the positive attitude of our two Polish volunteers who are religious sisters, got everyone dancing yesterday, even the director of the Youth Center himself.

Afterwards, when things quieted down a little bit, there was also time for sorting donations.

Thank you so much for your presence by our side in our daily efforts to help our Ukrainian guests recover from their trauma and move on with their lives.

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