Dear Friends,

Fr. Marek and some people of our team visited The Ukrainian House, the cultural center for the Ukrainians in Przemyśl. They met some refugees there, living in very difficult conditions, similar to the first reception point at the border (at a former Tesco supermarket.) We invited a family of nine and placed them in our new center in Przemyśl. Thanks to your generosity, they could be welcomed in clean rooms and find some peace at last.

To add to this little update, we also had the first „Wellness Day” at our center in Ustrzyki Górne: French volunteer hairdressers came to give the Ukrainian people a chance to have their hair cut or styled. It was another good day for many of our guests!

Earlier in Ustrzyki, we had two groups of volunteers from a Polish college and a bank.
They made their visit a wonderful time for the children, as you can see in the photos below.

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