Dear Friends,

Greetings from Poland!

The end of January finds us busy as usual, working together with many people to keep up the spirits of our Ukrainian guests.

Apart from the regular sessions with a psychologist, and informative meetings for all our residents…

…we have again received support from the French volunteer group headed by Mélodie. This time, they arrived in the very particular company of the famous Paw Patrol agents!

At the same time, our Ukrainian friend Marina, who had spent much time with us as a volunteer, returned for a visit to offer what she had learned in her art therapy course.

January ended with another visit, this time from a group of Polish scouts who brought light with them, not only in the metaphorical sense! They created a very special atmosphere of togetherness and then continued with all sorts of fun. 🙂

As we head into a new month, we send you our warmest thoughts – in a challenge to the temperatures outside!

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