Dear Friends,

Greetings from Poland!

Winter is in full swing now, but it does not mean that life slows down!

It is good to keep everyone active, and we are constantly helped in this task by our volunteers. This time, we have visitors from France who have already proposed different sorts of entertainment to our younger residents, such as a dancing lesson:

There are also beautiful ways of participating in our program even if you cannot visit us as a volunteer. You can send us a donation to help with the maintenance of our centers, and you can also be creative and think about something that could bring a smile to the faces of the Ukrainian people who are staying with us. One example can be writing letters! Our children have recently received a large package from America full of handmade cards prepared by their peers on the other side of the ocean, containing the message of peace and encouragement.

Winter has been challenging us in many ways, most recently over the last weekend: a heavy snowfall caused a sudden blackout in the mountainous region where we are located. But instead of focusing on what we lack, it’s always better to focus on what we have! We turned the power cut into an occasion to savor candlelight dinner 🙂

We also received extra power in the person of our friend Fr. Józef, now a pastor in Ukraine, who paid us a brief visit and was greeted enthusiastically by the inhabitants of our center where he had worked as a volunteer not long ago.

Thank you for every prayer and every drop of support!

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